Our Commercial Services:

Commercial Services

Our non-residential team have gained an exposure to a wide range of development throughout England and Wales :- from care homes, to schools, to community centres, supermarkets, retail units, small industrial and much more. This exposure over many years has brought a wealth of experience. We believe in passing on our knowledge and enthusiasm for sustainable construction to our clients. We believe this explains our success to date.

Our promise to you is to:-    

  • Provide a service which is second to none.  
  • Assign an assessor to your project who is pro-active, engaged and informed.
  • Provide solutions that are tailored to your project.
  • Take charge of the assessment.
  • Strive to achieve compliance in the most hassle free and cost efficient manner.

Let us deal with the regulations whilst you design and build your project.


The Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method

The BREEAM assessment.

The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method, is the most widely recognised method of assessing the environmental quality of building design for commercial buildings.

SBEM Calculations:

The Simplified Building Energy Model calculation
SBEM calculations must be submitted at the same time as your Building Control Application. Does this automatically mean more pressure if you’re developing commercial buildings? Actually, that needn’t be the case if you have suitable professional support.