Energy and Sustainability Reports:

When is a report needed?

Energy and sustainability reports very often must accompany a planning application if it is to be approved, this is dependent on the adopted plans of the Local Planning Authority. Similarly reports can be submitted to discharge a particular condition included in a permission notice.


What does the report show?

Each report is tailored to the scale and nature of the development AND the particular requirements of the relevant Local Planning Authority. However the most common address the following:-

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions or energy consumption through the use of renewable technologies or fabric enhancements.
  • A statement covering the key areas of sustainable development – energy, water, flood risk, waste etc.


How can we help?

JSP have a wealth of experience in producing planning reports for a whole host of development across England and Wales. We always seek to accommodate the concerns and preferences of the client and strive to provide the most cost effective solutions to sustainable construction. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in navigating the numerous and differing requirements of LPAs right across England and Wales.